Pen, Paper and Ink Finds for 2009


It only takes a brief glance around my office to see that I have tons of great products to enjoy. Many were new to me this year though a few sat around far too long before getting a chance to play.  All of this turned out well in the long run, as I am enjoying them immensely now.

So here is a list of some of the best things that became Inkophile favorites in 2009.

  • Pentel Pocket Brush Pen – Whether used with pigment ink or J. Herbin Lie de Thé, this pen is great fun.
  • Pilot Elite Pocket Pen with a soft fine nib – For everyday writing with a little variation, this is my ideal pen.
  • Waterman Deluxe Carene Stub – A sturdy, well-balanced pen that lends an italic flair to my writing.
  • De Atramentis Sepiabraun – In my Namiki Falcon it produces both shading and outlining.
  • De Atramentis Stihlblau – A bright medium blue with a little green in it. It’s a happy color.
  • Diamine Vermillion – A watercolor-like orange-red that isn’t shy.
  • Iroshizuku Tsuki-Yo – An almost dark blue ink with a hint of green and great flow.
  • J. Herbin Perle Noire – I am not a fan of black ink but this one won me over.
  • Montblanc Racing Green – Every time I use this ink it looks made for me. My new signature color.
  • Noodler’s Red-Black – Defies description but does resemble aged brick, sort of.
  • Private Reserve Orange Crush – Deep red-orange that can produce writing that is orange at the top of each letter but red at the bottom.
  • Sailor/Pen Gallery Uranari Green – This is a limited edition that is easily my favorite green ink for 2009.

Even with all this expansion to my collection, there remain two holes that I hope to fill in 2010: a light-weight stub nib and a full flex nib, preferably 14k with converter fillers and long enough to use without posting. The maker matters less than the quality of the nib. There may come an ink or paper that catches my eye as new product is released during the year but the pens are what I would use most.

So those are my new favorites and my wish list for next year. How about you? Any standout favorites from 2009? What will you look for in 2010?

(Note that more than a few items on my list were gifts from Karen Doherty at Exaclair, Inc., U. S. distributor of J. Herbin, Exacompta, G. Lalo, and Clairefontaine. De Atramentis Stihlblau was a gift from Ryan Roossinck of The Pear Tree Pen Company. Several inks were gifts from friends who had no connection to any retailer or product line at the time the gift was sent. A very big thank you to all of my generous friends. You have introduced me to products that will be favorites forever.)


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  3. 2009 Favorites here:
    *Clairefontaine Basic Notebook
    *Vintage Wahl & Sheaffer pens
    *Diamine Prussian Blue ink
    *J. Herbin Poussiere de Lune
    *Diamine Midnight
    *Sailor Gentle Blue-Black
    *My pen peeps on Twitter


    • Which Wahls and Sheaffers are your favorites?

      Yes, Twitter does add some lively conversation to things. Great for getting news about sales and special offerings, too.


  4. I have 4 inexpensive Wahl-Eversharps (all $20 or less): 2 Skyline, Oxford, and a flat top. Sheaffer – well, the Addipoint of course, and a sweet Balance.


    • What a nice group of pens! Love the Addipoint. One of these days I will try a Balance stub. Read good things about them.


  5. my 2009 favorites:
    – sheaffer snorkel. (a gift!)
    – montblanc 146. (also a gift!)
    – nakaya piccolo with BB stub nib
    – 4×6 clairefontaine cloth-bound ruled notebooks.
    – pilot iroshizuku yama-budo ink.
    – er. um. stub nibs. (joy!)
    – bijou watercolor box.
    – daniel smith watercolor sticks.
    – clairefontaine watercolor sketchbooks.
    – people in my (twitter) neighborhood (i steal openly from julie. i’m sorry, but she’s absolutely right on that one.).

    2010 hopes:
    – blank reams of paper from clairefontaine, available for retail!
    – pentel pocket brush pens in larger/smaller tip sizes.
    – a flex stub nib.
    – an autumn tweetup in new york with people in my twitter neighborhood. 😀


    • Those are a couple of stellar gifts but the Piccolo must be fantastic. Wow, did you have a terrific year.


  6. yup! the nakaya was my very first stub. before that it was all fine nibs for me. figured a special nib for the first of the grails. but what beats all are the people i’ve met, in person and in words.


    • Yeah, people are cool, too. 😉


  7. There’s something missing from my 2009 list! Forgot to include a Levenger Slim Writer I got from my Secret Family Santa. For a voracious notetaker like me it’s a great little item. The wallet size cards are FP friendly, too. Wouldn’t mind trying the Clairefontaine index cards in 2010!


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