Which matters more to you: The nib or the pen?


For some fountain pen aficionados, the beauty of the pen gets them excited. For others it’s the pleasure of using a fabulous nib. Some people have the means to demand both looks and function. Then there are the folks who care less about a pen than the ink that goes in it. Budget constraints aside, in which camp do you fall?



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  2. I’m quite happy with the utilitarian looks of my LAMY Safari. What is important to me is the performance of the pen. Nib, feed, and ink all play a part in that. Currently using as my daily writer for everything is a matte black Safari with a 1.1mm italic nib and Iroshizuku Syo-Ro. I’ve yet to hold anything that performs like this combination.


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    This post was mentioned on Twitter by inkophile: Inkophile wonders “Which matters more to you: The nib or the pen?” http://wp.me/pfSKv-oy


  4. I am one of those that are picky about both looks and nib. I have sold off several nice writers that I didn’t find pleasure in looking at and have got some beauties customized and sold off others. I can feel hopelessly shallow sometimes. Good Q.


  5. Forgot to mention that a beautiful pen by no means have to be an expensive one. 🙂


  6. A gorgeous pen is nothing without a fabulous nib…and that nib is a sorry bit of gold without some smooth and luscious ink. So yes, I’m a bit greedy; I need all three singing together, preferably on at least 25% cotton paper.

    Humming with contentment now…


  7. I voted for inks as they are the closest to an ‘other’ option, as my real preference is for different papers.


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  9. I have a lovely Libelle pen, with a crappy nib. It looks lovely in the box, in the bottom drawer of the desk, where it won’t rust.

    I have a Lamy Safari that is a delight to write with, and I have a Rotring Core I love to use. It seems to me that the more expensive pens I own aren’t nearly as much fun to write with.

    Heck, the kit based hand made pens I buy at the craft fair are more fun to write with than that wretched Libelle…


  10. The nib and the filling system come first for me (how much ink does it hold? is it a pain to clean and fill?) and then the looks.
    I dream of the day Sailor starts making piston fillers…


  11. I’m in the gorgeous looks + great nib category. 🙂 Dandelion is right, a beautiful pen doesn’t have to be expensive. 🙂


    • Hmmm. Any not too expensive beautiful pens with great nibs anyone would like to recommend?


  12. I’m a bit late to the party, but I’m primarily a nib person: if it doesn’t write well I’m not interested. If it writes well and looks good, so much the better!


    • Not too late. The poll is still running.


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