All I Want For Christmas…


Assuming you aren’t in need of two front teeth, what would you love to find under your tree ? This isn’t about what you might actually find this year but something you would absolutely love to find.

Next, what would you love to give, to put under your tree for someone else? Hey, we all want world peace but this is about something you could wrap and decorate with ribbon.

So don’t hold back. Let’s hear what would top your wish list.



  1. Does this have to be limited to pens? 😉

    Off the top of my head:
    1. Lamy Dialog 3
    2. Alden Shell Cordovan boots
    3. Brooks Brothers top coat
    4. Hermes scarf
    5. Several Iroshizuku inks
    6. A new Jiu-Jitsu gi

    I suppose I should stop before I get /too/ carried away, but you did ask. 😉


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  3. I want the 12 pc Pelikan pen set that has been on FPN. But since that equals a university semester payment for my daughter, it’s what she gets under the tree. My teen son gets his license soon and a little car (used) for him would be nice. For the hubby, an office to work in instead of our basement, with room to store his work equipment instead of our garage. What we will get is a few days off (paid) and the chance to be home with no demands and time to drive around and look at the pretty holiday lights.
    Merry Anything!


  4. If I had more $, I would start up VP for Xmas! Get all your holiday pen, paper, and ink orders filled! 😀 Next Xmas for sure.


  5. for two of my nieces, a whole bunch of art supplies each, because they like to scribble as much as i do; two guitars and a recording studio for one, because she loves to make music and sing even though she won’t admit it; and a tricycle for the youngest niece, because she loves to go go go. for one nephew, every mario bros. game known to wii and ds, because he’s going to be a game designer when he grows all the way up; a library for another, because books are more interesting than tv; an apartment for the eldest, because he needs his independence but can’t afford it just yet.

    for my sisters and sister-in-law, housekeepers, so they don’t have to clean all the time and get to play with their kids, or just nap when they want to.

    for my brother and brothers-in-law, to each a man-cave, because every man needs a room of his own too.

    for my mother, gowns, pearls, and pretty, pretty shoes, because she’s a queen in disguise and it’s time she came out of her closet.

    for my father, a workshop full of his tools and toys, no more meds, a playroom to entertain his grandkids, and the health of his youth.

    and for me, the happiness of those i love best.


  6. I don’t think I want anything under the tree for myself this year. Certainly the real worth of a gift is the sentiment behind it and if someone deems that the best way to display such then I’m thrilled to receive. Maybe it’s my age but I get more out of knowing that someone I care about is happy then having having a shiny bit in my hands (even if it must be said I’m as selfish as the next person).

    I can’t express things any better than Mabeloos did above so I ditto her beautifully put feelings.

    Of course a Peacock Blue Sheaffer Snorkel would be great too. 😉


  7. I really have fulfilled my wishlist for several years, but the outstanding items are : (realistically) a Parker Vacumatic any variety and (unrealistically) the MB Annual Edition Golden Tiger that Bryant has listed on his site. Oh and maybe another box of stationery.


  8. For me, it would easily be either a new Pilot M90 with a fine nib, or a Waterman Carene (which, incidentally, I initially found out about from this blog).

    For my brother, it would be a proper archaeological toolkit, as he finishes his degree in (you guessed it) Archaeology in a few months.

    I’m really stuck with what to get for my parents, though… (naturally I have already got them something, but…)


  9. I would want… an Orange Lamy Safari (EF or F nib), Uni-Ball Jetstream 4&1 4 color multi-pen + 0.5mm pencil, and… Then I’ll be uber-happy!!! Xmas gift anyone!!!


  10. I have to admit that there are no material things that I really WANT, I have been very blessed. Sure there are things that I would like, but what I really WANT is free time to enjoy the things I already have.

    What I would like to give is good health to my better half and my BIL – both of whom suffer with chronic back injuries and pain. Happiness to my mother, who is one of the unhappiest people I know and the return of all soldiers all over the world to there families.

    It may seem kind of sappy, but that is my Holiday wish this year.


  11. I’m Baha’i, so I don’t celebrate Christmas, but I wouldn’t be adverse to a certain special guy in my life showing up with a bag of my favorite candy and spending the day with me.


  12. Along material things I would be very happy to find a “voucher” for one (or more)month of travelling – where ever I’d like to go(tickets and hotels). That is what I am really urging for. Beside these things I share some wishes with Julie with regards to my own mum – I so wish her to be happy. I was touched to read your wish, Julie, and can identify with it a lot. On a grander scale – a little bit of peace and understanding and patience throughout the world. And – when all that is arranged I’d be happy to have a Nakaya with a dandelion and a bumblebee.


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