White Moleskine® Cover


Have you seen the new white Moleskine® cover at, of all places, Moleskine® Cover? Imagine the possibilities!



  1. It IS pretty cool! 😉


  2. Love it – so calm and ready to be filled with ideas.

    The question is, will it stay white or easily dirty?


    • White never stays pristine but it does looked lived in if not loved. 🙂


  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Margana and Margana, Sam. Sam said: I smell potential! RT @inkophile: Inkophile is imagining all the ways you could customize a White Moleskine® Cover: http://wp.me/pfSKv-nt […]


  4. Thanks for the mention Inkophile! Even if I did technically find out about this on Moleskinerie. =)


    • Ah, I so that’s how it went. I didn’t see it on Moleskinerie but did see it on Molecover so that’s the link I used. I expect a whole lot more people saw the news on either site than on mine. You guys are waaaaay bigger than Inkophile. 🙂


  5. I think for me, it would be a disaster. I wouldn’t be able to keep it clean and it would drive me nuts. But fresh out of the package, it would be nice.


    • A plain white cover would be a disaster for me, too, but looking at it as a canvas, well, it just begs to be decorated. Even paint splatters and drips would look unique.


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