So What’s On Your Desk?


Really, what is on your desk? Piles of pens? A pyramid of ink bottles? Stacks of crisp new journals or better yet, well-worn filled ones? Is it neat, orderly or eclectic?

I’ll be honest. Mine is a converted 3′ x 5′ breakfast table that has seen better days…much better days. It is always cluttered with a monitor, keyboard, two external hard drives, card reader, speakers, small TV, clock radio, lamp, phone, flashlight, books, several pairs of glasses, a dozen bottles of ink, stacks of correspondence, journals, notebooks, at least a dozen fountain pens, four Sharpie Pens, and a couple of Pentel pencils. Oh, and a mug of something, always a mug of something. Whew!

Now that you’re out of breath from reading more than anyone should ever know about my desk mess, take a look at the real world, well-used desks at Desk Space. Lots of inspiration as well as ingenuity on display and who couldn’t use a shot of both on occasion? Sheesh! Don’t answer that. It was rhetorical.



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    This post was mentioned on Twitter by inkophile: So What’s On Your Desk?: http://wp.me/pfSKv-m0


  3. My desk is always a disaster and really bad by weekend’s end.


    • That implies that you clean it some before it gets “really bad” so that makes you one-up on the rest of us. 🙂


  4. I totally agree with you said to me on Twitter, pens and writing are much more fun than cleaning!

    Alright, I’ll come clean – my desk is a handbuilt thing as that was the only way to get a desk into the house we moved to around five years ago – it’s a long but narrow pine board supported on a cupboard I broke down into two pieces to make the pillars.

    Sounds OK, eh? Well it would be if every square inch was covered by my sprawling computer system, monitor, printer and scanner (takes breath), CDs, printer paper, books, bits of random stationery and a couple of cuddly soft toys.

    I have literally no space on which to work. I use our dining table for that, but with the recent influx of new pens, notebooks, etc., even that has changed from work surface to storage area.

    At least resting on my knee is still an option, for now! 😉


    • Sounds all too much like my work space. My tolerance for clutter has grown by leaps and bounds in step with my fondness for collecting pens, inks, and that space demanding culprit paper. So glad I didn’t take to something larger like typewriters. Bet my family is, too. 😉


  5. Brilliant !


  6. I have two desks in my studio. The one I’m at now is a small, old farm table picked up for a hundred bucks at an antiques store. On it are: a keyboard, monitor, mouse, purple teddy bear, bottle of J. Herbin Encre Bleu Pervenche and wooden dip pen, a journal I use for business matters (www.ruffedgedesign.com), a tray and pitcher full of pens, a cute ceramic bunny napkin holder that now holds large index cards, a couple of magazines. My other desk is the porcelain-covered-metal-topped, wooden table my parents used in their kitchen ever since they got married 44 years ago. It is covered with books my kids use for homeschooling, a card I made, jewelry-making supplies, a Rolodex, a pottery tray, a Longaberger basket, and my infant daughter’s jacket. Looking at that desk — with the contents on it — nearly makes me crazy.


    • Love that there is family history to the desk your kids use. The purple teddy bear could probably tell a story, too.


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