The Mechanics of Flexible Nibs


To some fountain pen users, nothing beats the allure of a pen with a flexible nib. There is elegance about it from the rhythm and control necessary to dance one across smooth paper to the fabulous forms in the trail of ink left behind. Getting the hang of simple forms isn’t terribly hard but it does require patience and practice. Check out some of the links in the sidebar for some good online resources.

If you want to get an understanding of nib mechanics, I’ve just discovered a fine post about flex nibs from Tao at Bleubug’s blog. This is pen geek stuff to be sure but everyone can enjoy his video.

If you have a favorite website or even know of a good post about using flexible nibs, please add it to the comments. Some of us can’t get enough of such things.



  1. Thanks very much for the mention. I have to add that even though I have flex nibs I’m not very good with them. Being left handed makes it especially tough (I push rather than pull the nib most of the time). In fact I’ve been trying to learn to write a bit with my right hand so I can better appreciate those nibs.


    • Glad to send people your way. You did a great job of demonstrating what flex nibs can do from the standpoint of thick and thin lines as well as smooth transitions. Anyone can enjoy that aspect of a flex nib. Pretty letters are just an extra. One of these days I’ll find just the right pen and play, too. 😉


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