Iroshizuku’s New Autumn Inks


If you haven’t seen the latest Pilot Iroshizuku colors, it’s likely at least one of them will suit your ink wardrobe for the coming change of season. Fellow pen and ink addict Phthalo was kind enough to send samples recently and it has been a pleasure to slowly work through them.

Yama-guri is a deep neutral brown conservative enough for business and dark enough to be a replacement for black. Tsukushi is a medium brown with a hint of red and a little shading even from a fine nib. It looks promising for flex writing or even a spin with a chunky broad nib. Think dark chocolate versus milk chocolate to grasp the difference between the two browns.

Fuyu-gaki is an eye-popping red-orange/vermilion. It reminds me of Halloween jelly beans and could be a tasty substitute for red if you are an inkophile who likes to change things up a bit.

The new autumn colors are already on the market and can be purchased from Jet Pens amongst other outlets. So grab one or two and be properly dressed for the new season which I have on good authority will arrive in due course. Promise!

Iroshizuku Autumn Inks

Iroshizuku Autumn Inks on Rhodia Paper



  1. woooow I love Isokushi. Are their some shops that sell them internationaly?


    • Pen Gallery has them. I have no experience with this company so this isn’t a recommendation. I’ve seen the new colors on eBay, too.


  2. Veeeery nice! 😉


  3. They look lovely! I really want to get the fuyu-gaki as I love persimmon. Thank you for sharing these as I was interested in seeing these colours.


  4. Jetpens has been carrying them. I am interested to see what the Fuyu Gaki (persimmon) will look like from a F or EF pen, as someone commented on FPN that it looks more peach than electric Halloween orange…The Tsukushi is a nice subdued reddish brown and has worked wonders in a very finicky Montegrappa, which has made me happy beyond words.


    • Persimmon is a good comparison for fuyu-gaki. The ink at the top of the bottle pictured at Jet Pens is the color it produces with a very fine nib.

      Of the three new inks, tsukushi is the only one I would add to my collection for personal use. Glad to hear it has tamed a Montegrappa which is not an easy thing to do. 😉

      For business though yama-guri would be a hard one to pass over. I really like the flow and how smoothly it makes a nib glide. In either a black or a brown pen, it would be a daily user for me.


  5. JetPens is out of many of these inks….the dark brown, which is the one I wanted. I’ll check Pen Gallery. Yum yum!


  6. I hope I am allowed to put my review link here. It is a really great ink!


  7. […] Iroshizuku fuku-gaki […]


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