A Presidential Pen


Thought some of you might be interested in this email dated July 29,2009 and shared here with the author’s permission…

Dear Inkophile,

I wanted to say that I happened upon your blog and have been very impressed by it, especially your meticulous reviews of inks. I gather that you are an ink and fountain pen aficionado, but I wondered if you might be interested in a non-fountain pen story.

Though I am not an inkophile, I have always had an affinity for aesthetically pleasing, utilitarian items. As part of this past fall’s electoral fervor, I became interested in what pens the candidates used on the campaign trail. Later, I discovered that the president used a Cross Townsend Selectip Rolling Ball in Black Lacquer with Rhodium Plating (adorned with his signature and the presidential seal) to sign all presidential letters, executive orders, legislation, and so on. I know that many are disappointed that the president does not use a fountain pen, but as far as non-fountain pens go, this is a nice one, in that it writes beautifully, but is available at a fairly reasonable price as well.

In any event, I attempted to buy the presidential version of this pen as a gift for a number of people, but was frustrated to find out that it was not offered for sale! I looked into having some made, and eventually decided to place an order and have an engraver make some up. A friend of mine who is a graphic artist (and a bit of an inkophile herself!) authored a presidentially-themed barrel design, which I incorporated and think is quite nice. While originally I just wanted to order enough to make the gifts I had planned, the cost, at such a low number, was prohibitive. So, I settled on the idea of putting up a website and offering them for sale. www.barackspen.com

Its not much, but I do think it is a nice pen with an interesting back story. Hope you enjoyed it, and know that you have a fan in barackspen.com!



My reply included…

Some fountain pen inks dry too slowly for left-handed writers. That may explain his choice of a roller ball though he might not favor a fountain pen regardless. They aren’t for everyone.

However, fellow fountain pen addicts, I suspect you already knew that.



  1. I have a feeling that fountain pens have just fallen out of favor with the Executive Branch.

    I also believe that Cross won the contract over Parker to supply the pens and have been doing so since President George H. W. Bush.


    • No respect for tradition, eh?


  2. Hi! I couldn’t find an email address for you, but wanted to invite you to submit a post for the Carnival of Pen, Pencil and Paper– all the details are here. I hope you’ll participate!


    • Thanks for the invitation. Will check it out later. 🙂 Oh, my email address is below my totally-out-of-hand list of links. Collecting links is worse than eating potato chips. No way can I stop at just one!


  3. It’s a really great idea for anyone who’s into political memorabilia.


    • True and it would make a great gift, too.


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