When Gold Isn’t Really Gold


In this case it’s Private Reserve Shoreline Gold. It is an interesting name but what does it mean? What color do you picture?

Online swatches make it appear red-orange but it seems to depend on flow and nib size. In a wide nib the color is muted yellow-orange. With a fine nib it looks more golden brown. The sample below was written with a Pilot Custom 98 fine nib on Staples Eco-Friendly (bagasse) paper.

Private Reserve Shoreline Gold

Private Reserve Shoreline Gold

Shoreline Gold is a pretty and fairly saturated ink. It isn’t fast drying so lefties beware. Flow is good as is coverage. Depending on the pen and flow, shading can be terrific.

Color variety from a single ink always intrigues me. It makes each new fill a surprise much like trying a new ink for the first time. What an economical solution to wanting ink variety despite having a strained budget. Definitely good news for a true inkophile.

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  1. This is a nice colour, whatever it is.


  2. Several Private Reserve inks, like Shoreline Gold, are colors of classic-era Fender guitars. http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2050/1527650153_77b94797a5.jpg?v=0


    • That’s very cool! Thanks for pointing it out.


  3. […] Private Shoreline Gold […]


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