Diamine Sepia Meets a Lamy Vista


Diamine Sepia is a unique color that comes and goes in my favor. However, the shading and outlining characteristics are some of the best in inkdom with the right pen and paper. Wide nibs show it off best so when my new Lamy Vista 1.1mm italic nib was looking for a little company, Sepia sidled off the shelf hoping for a little fun. Being in an accommodating mood, I gave the pen and ink a little quality time together first with Staples Eco-Friendly (bagasse) and then Rhodia paper. The images are unretouched so you can see how the color differs from paper to paper. Which one do you prefer?

Diamine Sepia on Bagasse Paper

Diamine Sepia on Rhodia Paper

Diamine Sepia on Rhodia Paper

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  1. I think I like the tone of the ink on the Rhodia paper better – but that simply reflects my preference for more yellow in the brown. This is a great color, but I think it would not be saturated enough for me!

    The telling point for me is the shades of the ‘Y’ at the end there.

    Great pictures! Mind if I ask under what lighting conditions you took them?


    • BTW I like your blog. Thanks for posting a comment here.

      Those samples were scanned. Other than resizing they are as my scanner saw them. In diffused daylight the Rhodia sample leans slightly toward yellow while the bagasse sample leans more red/orange as in the scans. But that’s only a slight difference to be sure.

      As you note Sepia certainly isn’t a saturated ink but that only makes the shading and outlining more apparent. On Rhodia and a few other brands of paper, I have seen a very thin dark outline around some letters. It’s very cool when it happens.


  2. A classic look, I like it.


  3. […] Diamine Sepia – Orange brown. Shades and outlines. […]


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