What’s on your Fountain Pen Wish List?


Well, to be more precise, what’s on your Pen, Ink, Paper, Accessories Wish List? Just post your most desired items in a comment. Not tracking anything specific but would like to get a sense of what would bring a big smile to your face should the Pen Fairy visit whilst you sleep tonight.

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  1. Clairefontaine or rhodia paper just because I’ve heard so many good things about it.

    As for pens: Saving for a vanishing point 🙂


  2. Without a doubt, the Namiki Vanishing Point. Or the Decimo. It will be my next fountain pen!


  3. Oh, followed by more Iroshizuku inks.


  4. Jules. 🙂


  5. A Lamy Safari with a custom ground nib, and J. Herbin ink. BTW the Clairefontaine A5 notebook is great and the paper is so superior to Moleskine, as stylish as they may be.


  6. A Pilot Murex. Still not sure if a M90 or a M701…or both. O:-)


  7. Rhodium Sapporo with a F nib.


    • Love black and rhodium pens. My Sapporo F was the first Sailor I acquired. Great flow but a tad wider than I expected thanks to the juicy flow. It’s a nail compared to my full-sized 1911 but definitely one of the most reliable pens I’ve ever owned. I left it for three weeks loaded with Noodler’s Legal Lapis and it still wrote without hesitation. Can’t beat performance like that!


  8. Conway-Stewart, Omas 360.


    • Will any CS do or is there a particular model you want? The Pen Fairy might get confused.


  9. Most desired? Recovery or replacement of some pens that were stolen from my office about two and a half years ago. Among them, a Pelikan M800, an Omas Arte Italiana Paragon, and a Nakaya long model.


  10. How shocking! What an awful thing to happen your pens. The Paragon and Nakaya are certainly out of the ordinary indeed. Not to malign the M800 but the other two are far less common. Hope you are able to replace at least one of them this year.


  11. A Binderized Pelikan – more than I’ll use on a pen (I’ve got kids, my dishwasher just gave up, and I need to buy a new car) – so the model doesnt matter but probably M600

    A VP – a little more realistic.

    Noodler’s Red-Black, La Reine Mauve, Private Reserve Electric Blue DCSS -as soon as they are back in stock at The Writing Desk.


  12. I’m going to have to jump on the Pilot Myu bandwagon.I drip a little bit of PR Tanzenite into a lit candle every night and meditate over a small blank Moleskine every day hoping the Fountain Pen Fairy will bring me one.


    • Hope that fairy takes pity on you soon. It is so much more fun to write in a journal than meditate over one. 😉


  13. Just went a little deeper into hock for a Sailor Professional Gear with a Saibi Toigi nib, after which I’ve lusted for over a year. Otherwise, I’ve always wanted an Omas 360 XF nib.


    • A Pro Gear with a Togi nib is a grail pen for pen people. That nib is gorgeous and that reservoir is amazing. What do you think of it? The Omas 360 gets raves as well. You have good taste in pens, alkman. 🙂


  14. Nothing too fancy for me. A Rhodia webnotebook. A large Quo Vadis Habana notebook.

    And some help selecting my first expensive fountain pen ($75-$150).


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