Exacompta “Basics” Sketch Book


Can your journal do this with a Pentel Pigment Brush Pen?


Or this?


The Exacompta Livres d’Or “Basics” Journals and Blank Books can without any bleed through. Zip, zilch, nada. Those are unedited, scanned images. The brush pen just glides over the paper and lays down a lovely, dense line of ink just as it would on traditional rice or mulberry paper. Read my initial impressions for more specifics.

Without a doubt this is the best multimedia journal I’ve used to date. In fact, forget the review. I’m going back to drawing in my Exacompta Sketch Book. This is way too much fun!


More at Spiritual Evolution of the Bean and For Love and Idleness and The Dizzy Pen and Lung Sketching Scrolls and Journaling Arts and The Orchard. Lots of love for this journal.

More on the Pentel Pocket Brush Pen from Gentian O.

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  1. Very cool, nice work!!


  2. Short (extremely) and to the point. Nice.


  3. Once I get over my infatuation with the brush pen, I’ll try out some other tools like SAI Japanese Traditional Colors, some watercolors, and a few fountain pens. Hopefully by the time that’s done, I’ll be ready to move on to the next paper to review. Or maybe not. The Exacompta Sketch Book is gonna be a hard act to follow. Better to stick with ink and pen reviews for a while before hooking up with a new BPF (best paper friend). Nothing will measure up till the infatuation fades. 😉


  4. I’ve been using the Exacompta blanks sketchbook as a journal and sketchbook since 2003. I have never found a better or more enjoyable tool for such tasks. I am happy to see that someone else has found them as useful as I have!


  5. I have not tried an Exacompta sketchbook before. Thanks for the review and you should post more of your artwork!


  6. Question: The paper with 28 lb is very thin, what about opacity i.e. how does the backsides look,shining through ?


    • The blank journal I have has mild show-through but no bleed-through with the heavy ink from a brush pen. Fountain pen ink would have even less show-through. There is no rippling to the paper from the wetness of the brush pen ink so the back of the paper would be useful. Check out Stephanie’s review for more examples of various media used in an Exacompta Basics Sketch Book. She really gave this paper a workout and was very pleased with the results.


  7. Thanks a lot for the reply !


  8. […] bit online, it turns out that a few others have discovered the beauty of this book before me, both Inkophile and Spiritual Evolution of the Bean raved about this sketchbook as […]


  9. Great examples of brush pen work. I’ll try to get one. Thanks


  10. mmmm – I *love* your doodles. I agree, using this brush pen is very freeing. I used to find it frustrating (“arrrgh! I didn’t want that line to be so wide”) but I am now starting to reconcile myself to its unpredictability, and enjoy it for what it is.
    And thank you, also for the mention 🙂


  11. Like your doodles a lot. I find you are talking my language when you compare this brush pen to types of Chinese brushes. Now I know what to do. Thanks so much, Christine


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  13. […] Exacompta “Basics” Sketch Book […]


  14. […] bit online, it turns out that a few others have discovered the beauty of this book before me: both Inkophile and Spiritual Evolution of the Bean raved about this sketchbook as […]


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