Sailor Uranari Green Ink


Yesterday a large box of ink arrived from a friend in Australia who was incredibly generous about her gift, three full bottles of the new Sailor/Hougado inks that are only sold in Japan and four large samples of the newest Pilot inks. I am delighted with the largess and plan to slowly work my way through them. First up is Uranari Green from Sailor.

Uranari is just the sort of green that fills a hole in my collection, something that has more yellow than blue but not so much that it lacks punch. Not only is the color right but it has modest shading. All to the good so far. There are clean edges with outlining but insufficient contrast between the edges and the interior color of the lines to make the outlines obvious. It is a subtle thing that makes the edges crisp. With its relatively quick drying time and other excellent properties, this is an ink that will certainly find a place amongst my favorites.

This color is what I’d hoped for from a number of green inks in the past. Now that Sailor has gotten it right, it is frustratingly part of a limited edition and only sold through one store in Japan. Hopefully, Sailor will add it to their standard line of inks. It would be an excellent addition to the existing catalogue.

Sailor Uranari Green Ink

Sailor Uranari Green Ink


  1. Looks sharp!


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