Levenger True Writer Timeline


Levenger has been producing the True Writer since 1999 but has retired most of the colors in favor of a handful of the more common ones like red, black and blue. Boring to be sure compared to the more exotic Tangerine, Mink and Abalone that have been discontinued.

At least they’ve been nice enough to post a timeline with images so we can see what we missed. The two I would most like to get my hands on are the Yellow and the Tangerine although Sunflower and Coral might have been more interesting names. Both are vivid, standout colors that suit spring and summer perfectly. Any pen in orange seems to get a lot of admiration based on message board chatter. On my black desk the Tangerine would be impossible to miss and that would make it a perfect addition especially loaded with Diamine Coral.

Tangerine True Writer


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