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Various Links From Pelikan To Marlen To Hobonichi


Pens dominated this week, but there were a few other things worth mentioning…


Links For A Sunday Read


If you’ve only time for a few, the links from Pira Urosevic definitively prove that the nib really does make a difference…


Where Do Inkophiles Go For Kicks?


So this is where you go.

Sites clicked most often from Inkophile

The list covers the past year, but looking at just the past three months, Paper For Fountain Pens has risen to number six while Levenger has disappeared. Otherwise, the list has remained fairly consistent. You guys are definitely pen people, but some art supplies sites like Daniel Smith and Jackson’s Art are coming on strong. Diversification is imminent.


My Core Four Plus One


My desk is always a disheveled mess except for my fountain pens. Those I keep tidy and at the ready for whenever the muse strikes. However, with product testing, the number of inked pens can grow well beyond anything manageable, so I’m separating the lot into two groups with my Core Four Plus One the most accessible. Others employed mostly for testing purposes have a tray in which to snooze until needed.

Core Four Plus One is a name for four of my most used fountain pens plus one mechanical pencil. The four pens are the mostly likely to get used either for the ink or the fun factor of using that particular pen. The Platinum #3776 music nib is the anchor. For now the other three pens are the Noodler’s Standard Flex, the Pilot Prera Italic and the Sheaffer Taranis Medium. Those four provide a good variety of nibs and pen sizes and changing between them is good for my hand. The inks are Diamine Sepia, Noodler’s Black Swan in Australian Roses, Noodler’s Black and Diamine Steel Blue. Again this is a good variety for maximum appeal though all of it is subject to change on a whim.

The Autopoint mechanical pencil is the Plus One. It gets more use than any fountain pen since it doesn’t need to be uncapped, can write on any paper, and is erasable, an important benefit for a fickle writer.

When I head out with pens in tow, I have a two-pen case for an intrepid duo or a four-pen case for the whole lot. An Autopoint MP is always in my handbag along with a black Sharpie Pen so I am never caught out without writing tools. A small Rhodia pad completes the ensemble. An inkophile should be prepared, yes?

Do you have something like my Core Four Plus One? If so, what’s in your primary rotation?


Poll: Your Favorite Fountain Pen Nib


When it’s time to buy a new pen, which nib do you fancy most?


Just In Case You Wondered What Happened


Yep, I’ve been scarce at Inkophile as well as on Twitter and Google+, but I’ve got a great excuse. No my dog didn’t eat my work! It’s worse. My 12-year-old computer finally told me to find a new mate. Heck, most marriages don’t last that long. So I’ve been working on a borrowed laptop for a few minutes each day – not enough to write a real post but enough to get off a quick one before I go back to researching budget laptops. Wish me luck!

As for fountain pens, I did a major cleaning two days ago and reduced my rotation to one lonely Pelikan M215 stub nib and Sailor Sky High ink. It feels really strange to have only one choice, although that is hardly a choice. One of the Platinum  pens will get a fill once a single ink emerges as the next one to use. It’s fun to flip through my ink book or look at the bottles on the shelf for a stand out. It is all too easy to indulge in blue. There are so many nice ones, soothing, and non-offensive. Sky High will do for that color. Ink #2 will be teal, turquoise, brown, burgundy or purple. Yes, an injection of color will be just the thing to close out the summer.

See ya when I get my new laptop up and running!


Hobbled By Your Pen Hobby?


Are you in need of a holiday from your hobby? There are times of the year when maintaining my pens is a chore – not the joy it should be. That’s when I dust off my self-discipline and put most of my pens away. The limited rotation does feel restrictive with so few nibs and colors to hand but it certainly is liberating.

How’s this for simple: a Platinum #3776 Music Nib plus three test pens, two of which aren’t even inked at the moment. For now only Diamine Mediterranean Blue and Stipula Sepia are in use. The empty pens will get a burgundy or purple and a blue-green ink.

There are several ink samples on hand that I have yet to put through their paces but they can wait. Anticipation is half the fun, no? And a hobby isn’t fun if it weighs you down. Go light and enjoy it more.

Platinum #3776MU and Baoer 8 Horses Pens

A Platinum #3776 music nib (my review) with Diamine Mediterranean Blue and a copper Baoer 8 Horses custom italic on Rhodia dotPad No 16. A review of the Baoer will post in a few days.


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