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Links To Enliven A Quiet Day


Just in case you have some free time today…


You write the caption…


A New Batch Of Links


A bit of this and a bit of that…

St. Patrick’s Day is only a week away. Okay, I couldn’t pick just one, so green ink is in two pens on my desk. It was hard to choose, but J. Herbin Lierre Sauvage and Diamine Emerald won and I am thoroughly enjoying both.


A New Bunch Of Links


Another eclectic assortment…


Top Ten Most Watched Videos


Over the past year, these videos received the most views via Inkophile links. Which one is your favorite?


Lego, Calligraphy, And Other Links


The X-Wing is stunning but so is the possibility of charging a cell phone in 20 seconds!

Just learned some people don’t want to have links to them on Inkophile. Shocking, I know. Links posts like this one can easily be edited should you want a link removed. The same applies to the sidebar. Just add a comment to the post containing the link or send me an email if you want a link in the sidebar removed.


Links For Handwriting, Calligraphy, And Pen Junkies


This is a rarity. All nine links are pen and handwriting related. How totally on topic!


Some Calligraphers Earn Really Big Money


Did you see this?

With the White House closing its doors to public tour groups in order to save money for the sequester, it’s worth remembering some of the other costs the White House incurs annually.

Like the “Chief Calligrapher,” Patricia A. Blair, who has an annual salary of $96,725, and her two deputies, Debra S. Brown, who gets paid $85,953 per year, and Richard T. Muffler, who gets paid $94,372 every year.

In all, the White House appears to employ 3 calligraphers for a yearly total of $277,050.

Color me gobsmacked!


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