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Orange Delights From Ink To Paint


Orange is a happy color and a good way to greet the week. While testing (playing) with some orange watercolors, the mail arrived with some orange delights from Karen at Exaclair including an orange Rhodia Webnotebook and a bottle of J. Herbin Orange Indien. Thus orange delights for a happy start to the work week. Lucky me!


More Watercolor Palettes


Hooked on the beauty of watercolor palettes? You already know I am. Here is my small collection of images on Pinterest as well as a palette search on Flickr. Enjoy!


Brilliant Summer Inks And Watercolors


Usually by June, my tools get pared to a minimum. This year things have gone the other direction.

Instead of a limited three to five ink selection, my rotation is getting a color infusion. For inspiration, there is a swatch on my desk to remind me what is on hand. It isn’t a watercolor palette, but it has the same come play with me effect.

  • Sailor Jentle Peach Pink
  • Noodler’s Purple Martin
  • Diamine Emerald
  • J. Herbin Ambre de Birmaniestil
  • Diamine Teal
  • Waterman Blue-Black
  • Noodler’s Kiowa Pecan
  • Sailor Jentle Nioi-sumire
  • J. Herbin Lierre Sauvage
  • Diamine Aqua Blue
  • Iroshizuku fuyu-syogun
  • Noodler’s Lexington Gray

Elaine from Jet Pens sent a bottle of Sailor Four Seasons Nioi-sumire (Sweet Violet) and Karen at Exaclair has promised bottles of two J. Herbin inks so my rotation will be changing in short order. Now to find an empty, italic pen for some doodling in my Stillman & Birn sketchbook.

Along with modifying my ink rotation, summer is a good time for some colorful experimentation with my watercolor palette. Starting with a dozen basic paints, I added another dozen that I seldom use. That leaves a few empty slots for new acquisitions. My choices are brighter than usual and painting with them will provide a good challenge for the next few months. Even so, I included a modifier, Neutral Tint, just in case a color shouts a bit too loudly.

Certainly a palette needs to be functional, but it can also benefit from visual appeal. This Kremer is a good example of that. The beautiful arrangement encourages playful interaction.

A girl’s gotta have fun you know and what better way than color infused days. Love you guys, but the muse is calling. See ya later!



A Few Links For Sunday Treats


A few tidbits for your Sunday of leisure…

Labradoodle. What a face!


Spontaneity And Inspiration In A Journal


Being inspired and spontaneous in a journal are the goals to which I aspire. Today they occurred in perfect harmony.

Here’s how it went. A friend shared a pretty photo on Facebook that inspired me to try a little color matching. Without wasting a minute, except to chase off the spider that had taken up residence in my palette, I grabbed my Kuretake waterbrush and played with the blues in my kit until something akin to the original photo emerged.

Time invested? Ten minutes at the most to meet both artistic goals.

And it made my day.

Moral of the story? Don’t hesitate. Embrace!

Watercolor on Canson XL Mix Media paper. Kuretake medium waterbrush with American Journey Ultramarine Blue, Cobalt Blue and Burnt Umber along with Daniel Smith Green Gold and Sap Green. Color test to the right with Ultramarine Blue flowing into Cobalt Blue.


Links For Pen People And Writers


Inks, paper, pens, and writing…

Favorite photo of the week:


Locating Writing And Painting Subjects


Even if you aren’t hitting the road for a summer vacation, there is an unlimited source of material for both writing and painting thanks to Google Maps. The 360° view makes finding just the right scene easy.

Googles Images is another source for inspiration.

Yesterday, I went to Glencoe, Scotland.

Tomorrow it will be Provence.

I think it will be Fiji at the weekend.

Not only can I paint these locations, but I can write about them even if only to practice my use of descriptive language. A travel journal might be a good combination of the two. A little prose next to a watercolor sketch sounds like a great way to fill a Stillman & Birn journal. So those are my travel plans for summer. What are yours?


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