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Orange Delights From Ink To Paint


Orange is a happy color and a good way to greet the week. While testing (playing) with some orange watercolors, the mail arrived with some orange delights from Karen at Exaclair including an orange Rhodia Webnotebook and a bottle of J. Herbin Orange Indien. Thus orange delights for a happy start to the work week. Lucky me!


A Few Links For Sunday Treats


A few tidbits for your Sunday of leisure…

Labradoodle. What a face!


Locating Writing And Painting Subjects


Even if you aren’t hitting the road for a summer vacation, there is an unlimited source of material for both writing and painting thanks to Google Maps. The 360° view makes finding just the right scene easy.

Googles Images is another source for inspiration.

Yesterday, I went to Glencoe, Scotland.

Tomorrow it will be Provence.

I think it will be Fiji at the weekend.

Not only can I paint these locations, but I can write about them even if only to practice my use of descriptive language. A travel journal might be a good combination of the two. A little prose next to a watercolor sketch sounds like a great way to fill a Stillman & Birn journal. So those are my travel plans for summer. What are yours?


Inkophile Turned Six In May



  • Six years is a long time to survive on the Internet. Heck, it’s a long time compared to most marriages! But here we are, still friends, and sharing our enthusiasm for ink, pens, and paper. Thank you all for making this relationship last so long.
  • Did you know there have been 4,000 comments in that six years? My, my but you guys do love to chat me up. More, please!
  • A couple of years ago, I started posting about watercolor painting and some of you really took to that addition. For those of you who share my interest, there is a button in the sidebar that will make locating those posts easier though they will continue to appear in the main feed as well.
  •  Watch for giveaways over the summer. Consider the G. Lalo one in progress to be only the first.

A Good Story That Needs No Dialogue


This proves that even without dialogue, a good story can be told in less than thirty seconds.

(h/t Ace of Spades HQ)



Links From Films To Vinyls To Typewriters


This batch is heavy on saluting the past with a couple of nods to the present…


Jenga For Giants


No words are necessary…


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