Pinkly Inks On Clairefontaine GraF it Sketch Paper


Take these colors with a grain of salt or skepticism, whichever suits.

Ink on Clairefontaine GraF it pad

Swatches were painted with a small watercolor brush and lettering with a Brause dip nib.

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  1. nice! thank you for the comparison!

  2. I love pink!! Thank you for the comparison sheet.

    Just curious, which dip nib are you using? Thanks!!

    • Welcome. The nib is a Brause Bandzug 1.0mm with an overfeed.

  3. Does it sound weird to say that you do some of the most gorgeous swabs I’ve ever seen?

    • Whoa! Thanks, but I can’t write as pretty as you do. That’s way more useful.

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