Platinum #3776 Century Fountain Pens


The Platinum #3776 Century fountain pen has more going for it than just a pretty face. It comes in different colors, has terrific nibs, and is a very comfortable size. Given its build quality and the new design features, this is a pen suited to extensive use and lifelong companionship. Heh. Make of that what you will.

Platinum #3776 Century Chartres Blue Fountain Pen

Platinum #3776 Century Chartres Blue Fountain Pen

The pen is made of resin, has gold plated trim, and weighs a mere 20.5g. Posting isn’t required to get a good balance in the hand. The combination of smooth nib and minimal weight on quality paper is perfect for lengthy sessions. Even the maximum diameter of 15.4mm is in my best range so I can see at least one more Century in my future but next time with a medium nib. Will it be as smooth as the broad nib? That could make it a workhorse for any writer and a pen likes to be useful, yes?

Platinum #3776 Century Fountain Pen Black In Black

Platinum #3776 Century Fountain Pen Black In Black

Not a company to let tradition stand in the way of progress, Platinum has advanced the Century with its new Slip & Seal cap. The cap, nib, and feed have been redesigned to regulate flow and prevent ink from drying in the nib when the pen is closed. Pigment ink works in it as does carbon ink. I found it unusually tolerant of pauses between thoughts though some of that might have been aided by a cooperative ink. Diamine Royal Blue was particularly good at this.

When it comes to pen size, the Century fits me just like that pair of shoes right out of the box that make you want to dance. It isn’t the first pen to do so but it’s been a long time since a pen I’ve never used before has done so. If the Levenger True Writer, Sailor 1911, Pilot Custom 742, Waterman Carene, or Retro 51 Scriptmaster, fit your hand, the Century should, too.

Platinum #3776 Century B Writing Sample

Platinum #3776 Century B Writing Sample

Platinum #3776 Century FF Writing Sample

Platinum #3776 Century FF Writing Sample

So far I’ve used the broad (B) and the fine-flex/soft fine (FF) nibs but Platinum also offers ultra extra fine, extra fine, fine, medium and double broad 14k nibs. For general writing purposes, the B is sweet. The nib writes a somewhat narrow line for its grade with a soft, rounded look. This is a true broad nib without pretense of being a stub. The flow keeps up without a hitch so no speed limits on this one and no hesitation on start up. The fine-flex nib is very narrow and suitable for small lettering but can flex enough to produce wider lines. Not huge swells but subtle ones that are in keeping with modern writing and a memorable signature. With use, it will expand even further so keep using it if you want a wider line.

On my desk for comparison are a Pilot Custom 742 and a full-sized Sailor 1911. The Century weighs the least of the three. The resin of the 1911 might be slightly denser but that’s an opinion – not a measurement. The barrel material isn’t identical among these Japanese pens but it is thinner than the Western pens on my desk. Comparing closed pens, the 742 is longer that the other two. Uncapped, the Century is the shortest. The Century has a more pronounced step between the section (grip area) and the barrel than the other Japanese pens but it also has more threads to keep the cap secure.

I like different things about each of them, the rhodium trim on the 1911 and the slightly wider section on the 742 in particular. But I prefer the nib on the Century and that’s a deal maker. Pens are about writing and that nib just gets me every time I use it.

Until Dick Egolf at Luxury Brands USA sent these Platinum pens for review, my experience with the brand was limited. Now that I know the #3776 Century is such an excellent writer, I am ruined for many of my other pens. Time to refocus my collection…again.

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  1. Lovely review! Now I want one…

  2. I tried the Platinum Century 3776 Chartres pen of a friend. The material is so beautiful and translucent. It’s also what seems to me to be the perfect size for my hand – very satisfying to hold. The best part is the nib. Not sure if it was the regular F or the Soft F, but it has got to be one of the best out-of-the-box nibs I’ve ever tried! I might decide to get one later :)

    • Isn’t it a fine pen? The dang things are worse than peanuts. Having only one just isn’t good enough.

    • It was a regular Fine. :)

  3. The Fine is exquisite so I suppose the Medium will not disappoint. I also managed to try a BB or what the Japanese label as a C nib. That nib was also a delight.

    • Good to know about the other nibs, the C especially since it’s so uncommon. The medium is on my wish list in black or even burgundy. I really though I was locked out of Japanese pens when wider nibs became my focus. Using the Century B has changed that for sure.

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